UCLA Physics & Astronomy Building (PAB) Room 4-330, Tuesdays 4-5pm unless otherwise noted

Seminar Coordinators: Thomas Dumitrescu, Chia-Hsien Shen, Christoph Uhlemann


Fall 2018

September 11: Achilleas Passias (Uppsala) 

"A massive class of N=2 AdS4 IIA solutions"

September 27: Marco Fazzi (Technion, Israel Institute of Technology)

“Chiral SU(3) SQCD3 and N=2 mirror symmetry”

October 2: Mark Trodden (University of Pennsylvania)

"Extending the Double Copy"

October 9: Tom Hartman (Cornell University)

"Quantum Gravity in a Finite Box"

October 16: Anna Ijjas (Harvard University) 

"Stability and the Gauge Problem in Early-Universe Cosmology"

October 18 (Thursday): Masataka Watanabe (Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe)

Special Time & Location: 10:30am in Schwinger Lounge (PAB 4-740)

"The Large Charge Expansion and the Universal Correlation Functions in Rank-1 SCFT"

October 23: Clay Cordova (Institute for Advanced Study)

"Light-Ray Operators and the BMS Algebra"

October 25 (Thursday): Avner Karasik (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Special Time & Location: 10:30am in Schwinger Lounge (PAB 4-740)

"On the phase diagram of SU(N)XSU(N) gauge theory with bifundamental Fermion" 

October 30: Alex Belin (University of Amsterdam)

November 6: Markus Luty (UC Davis)

"A positive sum rule for the central charge in 4D conformal field theory" 

November 13: Daniel Brennan (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)

"‘t Hooft Defects, Monopole Bubbling, and SQM Localization"

November 20: Alejandra Castro (University of Amsterdam)

Abstract: TBD

November 27: Silviu Pufu (Princeton)

Abstract: TBD

December 3-5: SchwingerFest2018: g-2 

December 4: No seminar

December 11: Matt Reece (Harvard)

Abstract: TBD


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