Seminar Coordinators: Thomas Dumitrescu

TEP Seminars

Fall 2020 Seminars will be held virtually on Zoom at 4PM

Tuesday, October 6th: Ruben Monten (UCLA) from 4-4:30 and Konstantinos Roumpedakis (UCLA) from 4:30-5
"TBA" *postponed*

Tuesday, October 13th: Lorenz Eberhardt (IAS)
"Partition functions of the tensionless string"
Tuesday, October 20th: Lampros Lamprou (MIT)
"Inside the Hologram: The bulk observer's experience"
Tuesday, October 27th: Andreas Karch (University of Texas, Austin)
"Branes, Islands, and Massive Gravitons"


Tuesday, November 3rd: Callum Jones (UCLA) and Enrico Herrmann (UCLA)
“Extremal Black Holes and the Weak Gravity Conjecture” by C. Jones and "Amplitudes and X" by E. Herrmann

Tuesday, November 10th: Jonathan Heckman (University of Pennsylvania)
"6D SCFTs and Spin Chains"

Tuesday, November 17th: Mikhail Solon (UCLA)
"Binary Black Holes and Scattering Amplitudes"

Tuesday, November 24th: Thomas Dumitrescu (UCLA)
"2-Group Global Symmetries in Six Dimensions"
Tuesday, December 1st: Pedro Vieira (Perimeter Institute)
"(The two sides of) the S-matrix Bootstrap" 
Tuesday, December 8th: Tim Cohen (University of Oregon)
Tuesday, December 15th: Kristan Jensen (San Francisco State University)

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