UCLA Physics & Astronomy Building (PAB) Room 4-330, Tuesdays 4-5pm unless otherwise noted

Seminar Coordinators: Wei-Ming Chen, Chia-Hsien Shen, Christoph Uhlemann, Mao Zeng

Fall 2017

October 3: Mao Zeng (UCLA) 

Unitarity cuts and loop amplitudes in QCD and supersymmetric theories


October 10: Roji Pius (Perimeter Institute)

Quantum Closed Superstring Field Theory and the Weil-Petersson Symplectic Geometry


October 17: Samir Mathur (Ohio State University)

Spacetime Has a "Thickness"


October 24: Ashoke Sen (Harish-Chandra Research Institute)

Soft Graviton Theorem in a Generic Quantum Theory of Gravity


October 31: Shira Chapman (Perimeter Institute)

Complexity in Holography and QFT


November 14: Andy Royston (Texas A&M University)

Holography for Yang-Mills soltions


November 21: TBD

Title: Available soon
Abstract: Available soon

November 28: Philip Argyres (CalTech)
Title: Available soon
Abstract: Available soon

Southern California Strings Seminar Fall 2017
The Southern California Strings Seminar returns to UCLA for Fall 2017 on Friday, December 1st. We gather and discuss new ideas and developments, both general and specialized, in the field. This year's speakers include David Simmons-Duffin, Vladimir Rosenhaus, Edward Witten (in conjunction with IPAM Green Family Lecture Series)
, and Daniel Jafferis.
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December 5: Himanshu Raj (SISSA)

Non-supersymmetric conformal manifolds and constraints on the CFT data


December 12: Andres Karch (University of Washington)
Title: TBD
Abstract: Available soon

Winter 2018

January 9: TBD

January 16: TBD

January 23: TBD

January 30: Sumit Das (University of Kentucky)

Title: TBD
Abstract: Available soon

February 6: TBD

February 13: TBD

February 20: TBD

February 27: TBD

March 6: TBD

March 13: TBD

Spring 2018

April 3: Maxim Perelstein (Cornell University)

Title: TBD
Abstract: Available soon