TEP Seminars

Our seminars are held in person on Tuesdays at 4pm in the Schwinger Lounge (PAB 4-740). They will be made available on zoom upon specific request. The seminar organizers are Thomas Dumitrescu, Ruben Monten and Pierluigi Niro.

Winter 2023

  • Tuesday, January 24: Andreas Helset (Caltech):
    "Black hole scattering to all orders in spin"
  • Friday, January 27: Nikolay Bobev (KU Leuven):
    "Large N Partition Functions, Holography, and Black Holes"
  • Tuesday, January 31: Daniel Green (UCSD):
    "EFT for de Sitter Space"
  • Tuesday, February 7: GrĂ©goire Mathys (Cornell):
    "Gravity as a phase of matter"
  • Friday, February 10: Alexander Zhiboedov (CERN):
    "Nonperturbative scattering amplitudes from dispersive iterations of unitarity"
  • Friday, February 17: Leonardo Rastelli (YITP):
    "Carving out the space of large N gauge theories and cornering large N QCD"
  • Tuesday, February 21: Tarek Anous (QMUL):
    "An EFT principle for low dimensional gravity"
  • Friday, February 24: Bhaumik Lecture - Andrew Strominger (Harvard)
    Mani L. Bhaumik Centennial Collaboratory - 2pm
    "Memory, Soft Theorems and the Symmetries of Nature"
  • Tuesday, February 28: Andreas Karch (UT Austin):
    "A top-down dictionary for double holography"
  • Tuesday, March 7: Yikun Jiang (Cornell):
    "Focusing bounds for CFT correlators and the S-matrix"
  • Tuesday, March 14: Temple He (Caltech):
    "Marginal independence and an approximation to strong subadditivity"
  • Tuesday, March 21: Bhaumik Lecture - Lance Dixon (SLAC)
    "Scattering Amplitudes: Jewels at the Heart of Matter"
  • Friday, March 24: Southern California String Seminar

Spring 2023

  • Tuesday, April 4: Aleksey Cherman (U. Minnesota):
    "Emergent 1-form symmetries"
  • Tuesday, April 11: Henry Maxfield (Stanford):
    "Counting states of black holes with replica wormholes"
  • Tuesday, April 18: Simon Caron-Huot (McGill):
    "Holographic cameras: an eye for the bulk"
  • Tuesday, April 25: Jacob McNamara (Caltech):
    "Reflections on Parity Breaking"
  • Tuesday, May 2: Ying Zhao (UCSB):
    "Operator growth and black hole formation"
  • Tuesday, May 9: Andrea Cristofoli (Maxwell Inst. Math. Sci., Edinburgh):
    "An On-Shell Approach to Self-Force on Gravitational Plane Waves"
  • Tuesday, May 16: Suzanne Bintanja (Amsterdam U.)
    "A toolbox for holographic CFTs"
  • Tuesday, May 23: Emily Nardoni (Tokyo U., IPMU):
    "Probing Anomalies of Non-Invertible Symmetries"
  • Tuesday, May 30: Sahand Seifnashri (IAS):
    "Lieb-Schultz-Mattis anomaly as obstruction to gauging"
  • Tuesday, June 6: TBA

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